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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • By Redufy

Q. How can I register myself as Educator?

A. You can register, yourself by selecting “I am New” option from the homepage and after the successfully signing up, kindly select the option of “Become Educator”.


Q. Do you have any sign up or registration fees?

A. No, Redufy do not charges any fees for registration or signing up. It’s absolutely FREE.


Q. How can I publish my Course on Redufy?

A. After signing up as Educator, you can select the option of “Make Course” from the Menu, to publish your course.

For more info, kindly visit the following link: Guide for Educators


Q. How my earnings would be transferred to me?

Q. After signing up as an “Educator”, you will be asked to provide your Bank Account information (viz: Bank Name, Account Number, IFSC, etc), using this information Redufy will transfer your earning. The earned amount would be transferred within 48-72 hours after the successful buying of the course.


Q. Can I update the videos of my already published course?

A. Yes, you can update any videos of your already published course, using Edit Course option in your panel.


Q. How can I track the number of downloads/buying of my course?

A. You can track the number of downloads/buying by the counter available on each course page of the website.


Q. How much time would it take for making my Course Live?

A. After the submission of the course, it would take 24 hours for making it Live, if no issue/objection is found in the Course content.


Q. Under what categories I can publish my course?

A. Redufy provides a variety of categories under which you can publish your course. For more info, kindly visit the following link: https://www.redufy.com/store     


Q. Is there any limitation to the number of courses I can publish?

A. No, there is no limitation on the number of courses you can publish.


Q. How can I contact Redufy for any assistance?

A. You can contact us in 4 ways:

  • Either posting your query on Help Center.
  • Either chatting with us on Live Chat Support.
  • Calling us on: +91-9602533818
  • Mailing us on: help@redufy.com