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Mood Fluctuations & Emotions Control

  • Published On: 04 May 2020

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Your Will Learn

  • Soft Skills
  • Controlling Mood Swings at Workplace
  • Controlling Mood Fluctuations
  • Controoling Emotional Issues

About Course
The Course describes about Moods & Emotions.Why is it Important to Control Mood Swings especially at Workplace. Why is it important to Control Mood Fluctuations

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More About This Course

This Course consits of 11 Videos that shall be covering the following following topics, that would enhance your overall persoanality.

Video 1- Introduces the word 'Moodotions'. It describes the scenario where a person is disturbed of something and he behaves on the similar way with others.

Video 2-  How mood and behaviour of one person spreads across others who came in contact with him. Till what extent is this justified.

Video 3- Sometimes we treat others as per our mood and this is not acceptable. Our rude approach might hurt them.

Video 4- We have to be empathetic and understanding so that we feel how others feel because of our behaviour.

Video 5-  Ways to control mood fluctuations- keep yourself alone and away from others for sometime when you feel your emotions are going out of control. Stabilize and then approach them.

Video 6- Avoid answering calls and texts during mood swings. Politely inform the people that you will connect with them in sometime.

Video 7- Divert yourself into other activities so that your mood gets space to become normal.

Video 8- Give positive affirmations to yourself stating good things about you. It instantly makes you feel happy.

Video 9- Smile and look your happy face in the mirror. When you your own smile it gives you a reason to refresh yourself.

Video 10- Some funny activities like eating chocolate sometimes give us different form of Energy.

Video 11- When you feel you get results of these strategies share it with others.


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