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Private or Government Job-Which Trends in India

  • Author Redufy
Private or Government Job-Which Trends in India

Government job or private job is a very common issue among those students on the verge of completing their studies and starting a new career. It is very hard to stand up for either of these two types of government because they both have their own strengths and disadvantages. The explanation for this misunderstanding is not unknown, but something rather clear, as both offer different scopes and have their own limitations. Let’s take a look at the important points for choosing one of either two:


Salary & Benefits

Salary is one of the biggest reasons for students to dream of private jobs as they see a lot of money being paid rather than the benefits they can get over a longer period of time. The government sector may provide lower wages than the private sector, but it has better benefits. Increments for government jobs are periodic, whereas the jobs in the private sector are almost quarterly or also half-yearly in some businesses.

The government sector provides insurance, incentives to use government agencies such as medical facilities, loans, and more. In a completely different way, the private sector provides benefits, vacations, reimbursements for your expenses, job offers on-site to travel abroad, etc. Both industries have their own benefits and advantages.


Working hours

In the private sector, flexible working hours are more of a liability than a boon. Set hours of work that the government sector has will help us schedule our day accordingly, while you may need to fill in more hours in the private sector to get the work done. Your bosses are asking you to do the job at any cost.

Job Security & Growth

What's your work safe? A daunting problem to answer when you're in the private sector because there's no job security. Jobs in the government sector are 100% safe unless you have faked documents to get the job, which will result in dismissal.

For government jobs, the retirement age is 58-60 years, as per the norms. So, there are less and shorter periods of growth you might expect. The private sector has the upper hand here, though, as development is based solely on your creativity and effort.



Government sector work is identical to factory work; you do the same boring job every day unless you are transferred to a different position and more duties are applied to the current ones. In terms of creativity, the private sector has a far better understanding and incentives. The more innovative you are, the greater the chance you will have to rise. And, at an exponential rate, that too. Even if you show creativity in government jobs; the hierarchy of decision-making will barely notice your creativity, while the private sector will appreciate even the most subtle innovative process.


Work pressure

Another misconception of government jobs is that there is no pressure on the work. This may be a thing of the past as both government and private sectors are facing equal work pressure. You might find subtle differences here, though. The workload is distributed evenly in government offices, while a workload is allocated in the private sector based on your previous contribution, which can be positive as well as poor based on your current position.