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Ed-Tech Startups:The Innovative way of Learning

  • Author Redufy
Ed-Tech Startups:The Innovative way of Learning

EdTech Companies have been right around the corner of education in India for about a decade, but in recent times, EdTech has become the cornerstone of Indian Education. With the Covid pandemic looming over the world like a dark cloud, uncertainty prevails over when students can return to their world of work and play- School. The scene has shifted drastically in a way that during these tumultuous times, the student does not need to go to School, but School reaches the Student’s house. This may have sounded absurd a couple of decades ago, but today, we are living this situation.

EdTech is nothing but Education Technology which simply means that Education is being revolutionized by Technology. This methodology of innovative teaching has been designed in such a way that students have an enhanced learning experience. When a student has a fulfilling learning experience, it leads to an improved outcome in terms of gaining knowledge. And isn’t developing knowledge and skills the whole point of education? Around twenty years ago, if a student needed additional resources to expand his knowledge, he would be at the mercy of a library and its timings and lending conditions. But now, everything that a student needs is available at his fingertips. With literally a few taps on the computer or phone or Tablet, a student can access materials that are globally available, thanks to the revolution in the Education Sector.

E-Learning might have seemed like a far shot at being successful back in the day, but those who plunged right in and invested in Ed-Tech Start-ups are benefiting from the big boom in the industry. Apart from the classroom teaching which is pivotal in every student’s life, thanks to advanced technology, students can also engage in online methodologies of learning, to completely grasp concepts and shake away the cobwebs of doubt that still linger in his mind at the end of a classroom session. This set up is particularly helpful for those students who are too timid to approach their teacher to get their doubts clarified. EdTech covers all the essential expectations of a student in terms of application, innovation, and engagement.

While EdTech caters to the fulfilling learning experience of students, parallelly it also creates an avenue for increased job opportunities. Thanks to EdTech, the world of teaching is no longer restricted to people with a B.Ed. degree. Anyone with a creative and innovative mind can contribute towards an enhanced journey of learning. It is also important to note that students are not the only benefactors of EdTech. Teachers now have the opportunity to access EdTech resources and that paves the way for them to broaden their classroom teaching experience. While incorporating teaching methodologies observed from EdTech platforms, teachers can now bring students a more fulfilling and interactive learning experience into the classroom.

In the light of the Covid pandemic, the EdTech industry has now gained more momentum than ever before. With Work from Home becoming the new normal for adults, remote learning has become the new normal for students. While it is a drastic change in the conventional teaching method, it paves the way for EdTech start-ups to come into the limelight. This new reality is going to lead to significant capital investments in EdTech ventures. Since many schools have temporarily suspended their classes due to a plethora of reasons, EdTech Start-ups have grabbed this disruption in conventional teaching to lay out their services. In fact, the reality is that even during this challenging period of the pandemic situation, the EdTech industry is expected to be a very attractive area for investment.

The disruption in conventional teaching and learning has left many schools and colleges blindsided. With doubt and uncertainty looming around, it is now time to make executive style decisions regarding the education delivery systems. EdTech Start-ups come as a welcome respite to many schools that are not technologically savvy enough to handle online classes of their own accord. Many of these companies have come forward to establish a good working relationship with schools in order to lift the uncertain haze on the delivery of quality education to students. Apart from partnering with schools and colleges, many EdTech Start-ups are also providing discounted classes or free mock tests with solutions and much more. They provide a curated and custom developed platform for teachers and students to interact through a virtual classroom set up that could pass off as something as close to live classroom sessions.

Apart from connecting teachers and students to enable the mandated curriculum based conventional education, EdTech start-ups have also explored several other areas under their blanket of capitalizing on opportunities. They also provide live online classes that would help candidates to prepare for various Competitive Exams, thus eliminating the requirement of visiting a coaching centre to prepare. Upon the completion of the preparatory courses, they also provide platforms for the candidates to assess their preparation levels by attempting mock test series that are a part of the preparatory course. EdTech platforms give students the freedom to access the material at any time of their convenience. In addition to providing the course material required to prepare for competitive exams, many EdTech Start-ups provide services which include intimating their users regarding the various updates related to the examination of their choice. They also provide the resources and details required for a candidate to apply for these examinations and send the users constant reminders about the various deadlines in applying for a particular examination.

One of the challenges that EdTech ventures face as a Start-up is the ability to stand out of the crowd. Ever since the EdTech sector has been identified as a lucrative service, the number of Start-ups has blown out of proportion. EdTech Start-ups have to examine various innovative methods to ensure that their services will attract users and thereby enhance their position in the competitive market. Yet another hurdle for the EdTech companies is the wariness of parents and teachers regarding the privacy of students’ details. Sufficient and suitable demonstrations must be conducted by the EdTech start-ups to address these concerns of parents and teachers. Additionally, there also exists a gap between the ideologies of teachers regarding the differences in classroom learning tools and between a Tech Educator regarding the principles of online learning. EdTech Start-ups must be considerate and address such concerns and in turn work in a manner that would ease the teachers into become more accepting of the new normal. They must establish well connected lines of communication that would bridge the gap between conventional educators and technological educators.

All things said and done; today’s reality is the sustenance of the education system thanks to all the support provided by EdTech Start-ups. Especially during the turbulent pandemic time, these Start-ups have realized the dream of learning anything, anywhere, anytime. This sector is awaiting immense growth in the near future too, and so it is in our best interest that we acclimatize ourselves to the new normal.